Listen to #PolyPod: Gravitate Health and the digital health information journey

Publisert: 16. mars 2021

Safe use of medication and adherence to treatment are significant public health challenges. Understanding, access to accurate information, capabilities to comprehend, and trust play major roles. OECD estimates that around 200,000 premature deaths annually in Europe relate to poor medication adherence. The Gravitate-Health project, with 39 partners from 15 countries, aims to tackle these challenges and has the mission to bring innovative digital health information tools to patients and empower person-centred healthcare.

Listen to the conversation between:

  • Professor Anne Moen, Gravitate Health Coordinator, University of Oslo and the past president of the European Federation for Medical Informatics, visiting professor at the Norwegian Centre for E-health Research
  • Dr Giovanna Ferrari, Industry Project Lead for Gravitate Health, Pfizer, International Labeling Group
  • Dr Eva Turk, member of the board of the Polytechnic Society health network, Senior researcher In Gravitate Health, University of Oslo, Associate professor at USN

You will gain insight about the Innovative medicines initiative as a funding mechanism, better understanding of adherence challenges and why we need to develop and test an integrated, digital, user-centric health information solution. You will learn about tangible improvements in availability and understanding of health information from a set of trusted sources, starting with regulator-approved medicinal product information and the Electronic Health Record International Patient Summary.

You will also learn about how collaboration between academia, industry and stakeholder associations promises strong and unique results to deliver new digital information approaches demonstrated to offer wide benefit to patients.

Maybe you are a smart patient yourself?

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