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Webinar: French-Norwegian opportunities for collaboration on CO2 Management

18. april 2024 kl. 10:00 - 12:00

You are invited to join us for the webinar French-Norwegian opportunities for collaboration on CO2 Management. This session will spotlight prominent initiatives and explore avenues for cooperation between France and Norway on carbon capture and storage.

A French-Norwegian approach seeks to address challenges and find solutions for a greener industry through bilateral cooperation. This approach aims to decarbonize existing industries throughout the entire value chain and foster the creation of new green industries.

Marc Rousselet, Senior Advisor, Innovation Norway Paris

Henri-Pierre Orsoni, Industrial Relations Manager, Euraénergie
Marianne Viart, Head of Business Development CCS, ArcelorMittal
Imran Abdul Majid, President, the Norwegian CCUS Association
Rhoar Lindanger, Head of Business Development, Vår Energi
Ole Johan Østvedt, Executive Vice President, Nemo Maritime AS

Digital B2B Q&A session

End of webinar

The Norwegian CCUS Association, part of Polytechnic Society, and the French Club CO2 signed a Memorandum of Understanding during the 2022 French-Norwegian Hydrogen & CCS Forum in Paris, outlining collaboration areas for CCS. This agreement was reinforced in 2024 at The French-Norwegian Green Industry Forum, signaling a commitment to strengthen bilateral cooperation on CCUS solutions between France and Norway.

This webinar is organised by the French-Norwegian Chamber of Commerce and Innovation Norway, in cooperation with the Norwegian Embassy in France, the French Embassy in Norway, ArcelorMittal, Euraénergie, Nemo Maritime, Vår Energi and Polyteknisk Forening. 

Please contact the Board of the Norwegian CCUS Association for more information.

Welcome to the webinar about French-Norwegian opportunities for collaboration on CO2 Management!

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