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Publisert: 09.03.2018

The Ekofisk Field – still going strong after almost 50 years

22. mars 2018 kl. 10:30 - 12:00

This presentation will cover the history of the field, and how it has matured and developed since discovery in 1969.

The field spans generations of infrastructure and recovery from increasing water injection has provided very valuable production for the Norwegian State as well as the owners of the field. There is still approximately 1,000 people that has their daily job offshore with Operations, Maintenance and Well Operations as the dominating activities.

The Ekofisk Field was awarded the Rystad Energy Gullkronen award for best Field Operator of the Year in 2017. Production from the Ekofisk and the Eldfisk field is still 180 000 boe per day.


Presentation by Kurt Fredheim, Ekofisk Operations Manager, ConocoPhillips.


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