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Publisert: 28.02.2020

Webinar: The Johan Sverdrup Field

1. september 2020 kl. 10:00 - 11:00

Presenter: Terje Thorsen, Project Manager in Equinor.

In the same year that the Norwegian Continental Shelf (NCS) celebrated 50-years since the Ekofisk discovery in 1969, which established Norway as an oil and gas nation, the start-up of the Johan Sverdrup development extended profitable oil and gas production with lower carbon emissions from the NCS for another five decades.

The third largest oil field on the NCS, after the Ekofisk and Statfjord fields, and with recoverable reserves estimated at 2.7 billion barrels of oil equivalent, Johan Sverdrup has the resources to be a North Sea giant. However, being a giant is more than having the necessary resources in place, it is also about turning these resources into recoverable reserves that can be produced in a safe, profitable and – increasingly important in today’s context – carbon efficient way.

This presentation provides a high-level summary of the experiences and lessons-learned from the development of the Johan Sverdrup field. It will cover highlights on what it took to make Johan Sverdrup a North Sea giant, fit for the 21st century: a safe and successful execution of a mega-project, with next-generation facilities adapted to a more digital way of working, with an ambition to profitably recover more than 70% of the resources, while limiting carbon emissions from production to a minimum. The Johan Sverdrup development has set a new standard for project execution and production start-up in Equinor. The presentation addresses lessons-learned of relevance for both Equinor’s future project portfolio and projects globally as well as operation and maintenance.

Registered participants will receive a link to log on prior to the webinar.


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