Foto: John Froschauer/ PLU Publisert: 16.03.2022

The World seen from Afghanistan

21. april 2022 kl. 08:30 - 09:45

Fysisk i Polyteknisk Forening og digitalt på Polyteknisk Forenings nettside

To better understand the world seen from Afghanistan, Norway’s Polytechnic Society, PRIO and Search for Common Ground have the pleasure to invite you to this breakfast seminar.

You will meet:

  • Zuhra Bahman, Country Director Afghanistan, Search for Common Ground
  • Kai Eide, former UN Special Representative to Afghanistan
  • Shamil Idriss, CEO, Search for Common Ground,
  • Kristian Berg Harpviken, Research Professor, Peace Research Institute Oslo, is the Moderator of this roundtable

The seminar will focus on the dialogue with and within Afghanistan and the discussions on how democracy can be matured in Afghanistan in the long term, including the role of the Afghan diaspora and of international players.

Coffee and croissants will await you at 8 am.

The seminar is part of the series «The world seen from…», supported by The Fritt Ord Foundation, and admittance is free.

This is a hybrid event: you can attend physically at Norway’s Polytechnic Society or digitally on this website. Members and non-members will easily get access through registration.


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