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Publisert: 19.02.2019

The Digital Leadership Community: Fremtidens Fintech

15. november 2019 kl. 07:00 - 08:30

Take part and expand your digital ecosystem – partnering up with leading minds to transform into the future. This time Berit Svendsen, Head of international expansion of Vipps,  will ignite our dialogue.

Berit Svendsen has a proven track record of scaling up start-ins and bringing innovations to a global market. What is her recipe for success?

Norway is one of the most digitized countries in the world and one of the countries that are moving fastest towards a cashless society, because Norwegians in general find no reasons to carry cash anymore. Big contributions to this have been cooperating banks that have developed world class services like BankAxept, BankID and Vipps, as well as customers that have taken the services into use.

Being such a success in Norway, there are possibilities to export these services abroad. However, there are competitors like the global Internet giants.

Berit Svendsen will take us into the future of fintech – and we will discuss the opportunities and risks with each other and with her, in this circle seminar setting. Svendsens presentation is in Norwegian.

The Norwegian Polytechnic Society offers signature seminars on cutting-edge digital and transformative topics guided by top profiles. Talents, experts and leaders from various industries gather to share learnings, insights, perspectives and challenges, so that we can collectively learn and accelerate Norway’s transformation to a new digital era. Digitalization is a key enabler for fundamental innovation and disruption – and the leaders of today have a unique opportunity to shape the future.

To accelerate innovation and adoption of new digital technology, the Polytechnic Society is running an exclusive circle on Digital Leadership with noteworthy front runners in the digital space in Norway. We will address the opportunities, but also the challenges that arise in a digital future.

The circle format is a 30 minute presentation from a distinguished guest speaker addressing specific opportunities and risks on a chosen topic within digital leadership. This is followed by a round-table dialogue, where everyone is encouraged to participate and bring in their experience and questions.

The Digital Leadership Community’s guest speakers:

  • January 11: Silvija Seres, President of Norway’s Polytechnic Society
  • March 8: Nikolai Astrup, Minister of Digitalisation (Conservative Party) and Marie Louise Sunde, Surgeon, Author and Entrepreneur
  • May 22: R. Christian Torp, Generalsekretær, Den norske dataforening
  • September 20: Per Ivar Selvaag, Head of Design, Equinor
  • November 15: Berit Svendsen, Head of international expansion, Vipps
  • January 10, 2020: Kimberly Lein-Mathisen, General Manager, Microsoft Norway

Please note that this is a members only program. Reach out to us should you wish to register for membership.

We look forward to share insights and inspire each other – ignited by Berit Svendsen’s latest views and news on the future of fintech.

Breakfast is served form 0730.


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