Publisert: 14.07.2022

French-Norwegian Decarbonization Forum

12. september 2022 kl. 09:00 - 13. september 2022 kl. 16:00

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A French-Norwegian approach towards a decarbonised industry and opportunities for strengthened bilateral cooperation on Hydrogen & Carbon Capture & Storage (CCS).

France and Norway have defined ambitious objectives for industry decarbonization. To reach these goals, low-carbon hydrogen and carbon capture and storage/usage (CCS/CCU) will become key for bilateral cooperation between the two countries. 

These topics will be discussed at the French-Norwegian Hydrogen & CCS Forum to be held in Paris on 12-13 September 2022. It will welcome a wide range of stakeholders and experts from the energy sector.

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This Forum is organised by Team Norway, the French-Norwegian Chamber of Commerce, Team France Export and Innovation Norway. In cooperation with the Norwegian Embassy in France, the French Embassy in Norway, bpifrance, Institut Francais de Norvège, Arena H2 Cluster, Norwegian Hydrogen Forum, the Research Council of Norway, France Hydrogène, the Norwegian CO2 Association and Club CO2.

Welcome to the French-Norwegian Decarbonization Forum in Paris!

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