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Publisert: 05.06.2019

French-Norwegian collaboration on CCUS

17. juni 2019 kl. 12:00 - 15:00


  • 14:00 – Welcome and opening remarks – Ingvild Ombudstvedt, Chair, Norwegian CCUS Association
  • 14:15 – Overview of European, French and Norwegian CCUS funded projects – Gaëlle Cauchois, Principal Consultant, Carbon Limits
  • 14:30 – Overview of SINTEF activities and collaborations with French partners – Sigmund Ø. Størset, SINTEF
  • 14:45 – The 3D project: an example of a French – Norwegian collaboration – TBD, IFP EN
  • 15:00 – Networking break
  • 15:15 – Main outcomes of the 1st French – Norwegian CCUS workshop, Aicha El Khamlichi, the French Agency for Environment and Energy Management – ADEME
  • 15:30 – Pitches from French and Norwegian organizations working with CCUS (6*3 min)
    • Ying Guo, NORCE – Norwegian Research Centre
    • Volker Øye, Norsar
    • Torleif Madsen, 3C – Compact Carbon Capture
    • Isabelle Czernichowski, BRGM
    • Florent Guillou, IFPEN
    • Aïcha El khamlichi, Club CO2
  • 15:50 – Brainstorming session on how to foster further collaborations between France and Norway on CCUS
  • 16:50 – Wrap-up by Ingvild Ombudstvedt, Chair, Norwegian CCUS Association
  • 17:00 – End of the event

SINTEF Energy Research
2. floor, room C201
Kolbjørn Hejes vei 1A
7034 Trondheim

The Norwegian government’s decision to finance the Norwegian CCS full-scale project will depend on several parameters, including the confirmation that proper financial instruments will be in place to incentivise CCS. It is also critical that this project is not “a one-off opportunity”, but contributes to the deployment of CCS and promotes other full scale projects. Hence, the storage capacity of the project is “over-dimensioned” and can host more than just the foreseen Norwegian CCS projects, from a variety of European sources.

France is one of the countries that is well-situated to transport CO2 to Norway for storage. For the past 15 years France and Norway have been collaborating in many European CCS research projects. With the French company TOTAL notably involved in Test Centre Mongstad and Northern Lights, and several industrial and research players participating in R&D projects, French-Norwegian collaboration has already been fruitful. There is large potential for France and Norway continuing working together in this arena as it is scientifically, industrially and financially beneficial for both countries. In this respect, the French Club CO2 invited the Norwegian CCUS Association (PF Norsk forening for CO2-håndtering) to a workshop in Paris to discuss French-Norwegian collaboration 23 May 2019. The Norwegian CCUS Association’s Chair Ingvild Ombudstvedt presented on behalf of the Association. The Norwegian CCUS Association was well-received and the two associations agreed to continue the dialogue on collaboration and to exchange knowledge, experience and expertise. Further, the associations identified several areas of great importance for the associations to engage and support each other in, with the contribution from and potential benefits for the members in the two associations. Being a platform for the Norwegian CCUS stakeholders to network with international CCUS players, is part of the Association’s goal and we are looking forward to future interaction with Club CO2 and its members.

As a first follow-up of the event in Paris in May, the two respective national CCS associations, SINTEF, 3C and Carbon Limits are organising a side event to TCCS-10 on 17 June 14:00-17:00 to transform the ideas discussed in Paris into a concrete action plan.


Fra sin base i Oslo samler Polyteknisk Forening aktørene i den norske verdikjeden for fangst, transport, bruk og lagring av CO2, i Norsk forening for CO2-håndtering. Norsk forening for CO2-håndtering har som formål å dele kunnskap om fangst, transport, bruk og lagring av CO2 som nødvendig klimateknologi globalt, og som grønn vekstmulighet for Norge, ved å være en samlingsplass for dialog og nytenkning. Norsk forening for CO2-håndtering samler tekniske, kommersielle, juridiske og finansielle fagfolk fra næringsliv, organisasjoner, akademia og myndigheter. Nettverket legger til rette for at alle norske og utenlandske interessenter kan fremme kunnskap på denne plattformen. Norsk forening for CO2-håndtering kan delta på offentlige arrangementer for å dele kunnskap og erfaring om CO2-håndtering også utenfor fagmiljøet. Alle medlemmer av Polyteknisk Forening kan være medlem.

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