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Foto: Stein Johnsen Publisert: 04.11.2022

15% rabatt på konferansen AI+ 2023

3. mai 2023 kl. 09:00 - 4. mai 2023 kl. 17:00

Together with Smart Innovation Norway, Polyteknisk Forening has the pleasure to invite you to the AI+ 2023 conference on applied artificial intelligence.

The purpose of AI+ is to offer Norwegian as well as international environments an arena for competence sharing and interaction within the field of artificial intelligence, which will provide a solid foundation for succeeding with computer-driven economy and innovation.

AI+ aims to strengthen the AI competence, the Scandinavian competitiveness and contribute to developing international changes for profitable and sustainable use of AI. By deeply integrating AI technology we aim to create real benefits for society and for businesses.

Meet the speakers:

  • Kimberly Mathisen (HUB Ocean)
  • Sam Julian (E.ON)
  • Nicolaus Henke (McKinsey)
  • Per-Christian Honningsvåg (Microsoft)
  • Frode Aagedal (Intoto)
  • Trym Holter (Silo AI)
  • Rebecca Wiborg Seyfarth (Völur)
  • Frank Børre Pedersen (DNV)
  • Sina Nek Akhtar (Google)

Wednesday May 3: 09:00 – 20:00

  • Grand opening of AI+ 2023
  • Keynote speakers
  • Applied AI use cases
  • Lunch
  • Demos & talk
  • Other activities: Guided historical walk in Halden, organized jog, socializing
  • Conference dinner

Thursday May 4: 10:00-13:00

  • Morning seminar
  • Panel discussion
  • Parallel AI sessions

Alle medlemmer i Polyteknisk Forening får 15% rabatt på konferansebilletter (digitale og fysiske). Bruk kode AI+POLYTEKNISK15 nå!

Welcome to the AI+ 2023 conference on applied artificial intelligence!

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