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Publisert: 26.01.2017

African economies going forward

13. mars 2017 kl. 07:15 - 09:00

2017 is likely to bring a cyclical recovery to sub-Saharan African economies, after a sluggish 2016, with estimated real GDP growth the weakest since the global financial crisis.

However, those hoping for an immediate return to Africa’s more robust growth rates of the past will be disappointed. Last year’s slowdown was largely down to below-average growth in South Africa and Nigeria, which together make up about half of sub-Saharan Africa’s GDP. This slowdown did not impact all countries uniformly. What next? Will Africa be able to access finance for growth? And what will Trump mean for Africa?


  Razia Khan, Chief Economist, Africa, Standard Chartered
Comments: Kjell Roland, Norfund

This meeting is part of the breakfast seminar series: Rising or reeling? State of the African continent in 2017

Several resource exporting African economies had a tough 2016 – and the “Africa rising” narrative is not seen as often anymore. 54 countries equal 54 different trajectories.

In this breakfast meeting series the Norwegian Polytechnic Society, Norfund and the Norwegian-African Business Association (NABA) will try to give a continental outlook – going beyond the headlines.

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