foto: dnv

#PolyPod: AI opportunities and challenges in high-risk sectors

Publisert: 1. desember 2023

AI is being adopted and developed at an unprecedented pace. What opportunities, risks, and challenges does this entail for businesses, society, and individuals? 

Listen to the panel discussion between: 

  • Christian Agrell, Team Leader, Risk and Modelling Technologies, DNV 
  • Helga M. Brøgger, Principal Researcher, AI in Healthcare, DNV 
  • Morten Dæhlen, Professor and Centre Leader dScience, UiO 
  • Astrid Rusås Kristoffersen, Group R&D Director, DNV 
  • Sven Størmer Thaulow, EVP Chief Data and Technology Officer, Schibsted and Member of the Norwegian Polytechnic Advisory Board 

In this episode you will learn about the panelists AI passions and nightmares.