foto: Fransk-Norsk Handelskammer/ Innovasjon Norge

New French-Norwegian MoU for collaboration on CCS

Publisert: 13. september 2022

The French Club CO2 and the Norwegian CCUS Association, part of Polytechnic Society, have signed a Memorandum of Understanding which sets forth areas of collaboration between French and Norwegian actors regarding carbon capture and storage (CCS).

This includes scientific, technical, social, economic, and political solutions aiming to reduce the impact of industries on climate change.

«The very reason why partnerships and collaborations across borders are important is that we simply don’t have time to only talk anymore – we need to learn from each other, avoiding having to start from scratch every time», says Hanne Rolén, President of the Norwegian CCUS Association.

«On behalf of Club CO2, I am very happy to have signed this MoU with the Norwegian CCUS Association, not only to share experiences but also to accelerate the development of projects and give us a chance to respond to environmental challenges facing our society», says Florence Delprat-Jannaud, President of the French Club CO2.

Trade Minister of Norway Jan Christian Vestre endorses the MoU stating that «CCS is in fact being deployed right now, it is not only a solution for the future. CCS is part of the solution that needs to be deployed at scale quickly. We have no time to lose and welcome the collaboration with France».

The French Ministry of the Energy Transition acknowledges CCS as part of the French decarbonisation journey; «CCS plays a role both to remove residual emissions from industry and to allow for carbon removal from the atmosphere through e.g. bioenergy with CCS», says Olivier David, Head of Climate and Energy Efficiency Service, Ministry of Energy Transition. 

This Memorandum of Understanding was signed at the French-Norwegian Hydrogen & CCS Forum in Paris on 12 September 2022.

Photo: Front from left: Florence Delprat-Jannaud, President, Club CO2 and Hanne Rolén, President, The Norwegian CCS Association. Back from left: Ludovic Caubet, Managing Director, French-Norwegian Chamber of Commerce, H. E. Pierre-Mathieu Duhamel, French Ambassador to Norway, Jan Christian Vestre, Trade Minister of Norway, H.E. Niels Engelschiøn, Norwegian Ambassador to France, Stephanie Volpe, BD Manager, Innovation Norway and Claudine Smith, CEO BNP Paribas Norway.

Please contact the Board of the Norwegian CCUS Association for more information on activities.