Creating a thriving Climate Tech Startup and VC Ecosystem – live from Oslo Innovation Week

Publisert: 4. oktober 2022

Climate Tech refers to technologies that address the climate crisis with projects geared towards reducing emissions, climate mitigation and adaptation. How can Norway position itself to play a leading global role in accelerating the rise of Climate Tech startups and investments? Watch the video from our Oslo Innovation Week event below!

Read more about the event in the Forbes article, How Norway Plans To Stay Ahead In The Climate Tech Game, by reporter Daniela De Lorenzo.

Norway – Fertile ground for Climate Tech startups?

Is it true that the Nordics, in particular Norway, have the right ingredients to mature a thriving climate related technology ecosystem?

  • Nina Heir, CEO Climate, Katapult Accelerator
  • Murshid M. Ali, Co-founder and executive director, Skyfri
  • Bjørn Simonsen, CEO, Saga Pure
  • Ingrid Dynna, CEO i NoMy
  • Leila Asdal Danielsen, Chief Marketing and Communications Officer, Hystar and member of the board, PF Digital Leadership

What is needed from the investment community for Climate Tech startup to thrive?

Climate Tech is still an emerging area for investment opportunities, but has seen a rapid rise in investment in the last 5 years. How is the VC environment maturing? Does profit and impact really go hand in hand?

  • Susanne Gløersen, Sustainability Lead and Origination, SEB Green Tech VC
  • Fredrik R. Mowill, CEO, Hystar
  • Fredrik Winther, CEO, Katapult and Director of the Board, Polyteknisk Forening
  • Nada Ahmed, Founder, Agile Leadership and member of the board, PF Digital Leadership

Both panels are hosted by Chris Snyder, COO, NoMy and member of the board, PF Digital Leadership

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