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Africa’s Business Revolution: How to Succeed in the World’s Next Big Growth Market

Africa’s Business Revolution: How to Succeed in the World’s Next Big Growth Market

24 jan. 2019 kl 16:30 - 18:00

Norfund head office

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The Norwegian Polytechnic Society, Norfund and NABA welcome you to an evening seminar where we will examine some of the business opportunities and challenges on the African continent in 2019.

You will get the latest news and views from:

  • H.E. Romuald Wadagni, Minister of Economy and Finance of Benin
  • Georges Desvaux, Managing Partner McKinsey & Co
  • Lanre Akinola, Editor of Nurmara
  • Mark Davis, Head of Clean Energy, Norfund

About the speakers:

  • H.E. Romuald Wadagni is the Minister of Economy and Finance of Benin since 2016. He was born in Benin and graduated from Harvard Business School and the Business School of Grenoble. He is also a statutory auditor and a U.S. certified public accountant and was previously Partner in the audit and risk advisory activities of Deloitte France.
  • Georges Desvaux is the McKinsey managing partner for Africa, based in Johannesburg. From 2011 to 2015, he was the managing partner of Japan. He also worked in Beijing from 1999 to 2006, and Paris from 2006 to 2011. Georges is also a member of McKinsey’s Shareholders’ Council and a leader of McKinsey’s Marketing Practice and has authored articles and research on consumer and macroeconomic trends as well as building consumer insights and analytics capabilities. Mr. Desvaux devotes much of his time and energy to developing McKinsey’s global talent and has initiated and co-led McKinsey’s “Women Matter” research on the role of women in corporations since 2007.
  • Lanre Akinola is the Editor of Nurmara, focused on analysis of the policy and the business environment across the continent. He was previously the editor of This Is Africa, a Financial Times Ltd publication focused on analysis of the policy and business environment, as well as Africa’s strategic relationships with other world regions. Mr. Akinola has worked with the World Economic Forum, Rockefeller Foundation, OECD, Bloomberg TV, and BBC. He holds a BA in politics from SOAS, School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London.
  • Mark Davis is the Head of the Clean Energy department in Norfund, the Norwegian Investment Fund for Developing Countries. Prior to joining Norfund, Dr. Davis was a consultant at ECON Analysis, working primarily on energy-related assignments in developing countries. He has held several directorships, and holds a PhD in Energy Economics from the University of Sussex, UK.

Entrance is free.

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