PF Digital Leadership Community


PF Digital Leadership Community er fagnettverket for deg som brenner for samspillet mellom digitalisering og ledelse på tvers av bransjer.


PF Digital Leadership Community er en kunnskapsarena for nettverksbygging, faglig påfyll og oppdatering på dagsaktuelle og fremtidige muligheter og utfordringer.


PF Digital Leadership Community samler eksperter, talenter og ledere fra næringslivet, offentlig sektor, forskning og organisasjoner.


PF Digital Leadership Community inviterer til aktive diskusjoner og foredrag, typisk 4 sirkelseminar årlig med dagsaktuelle, faglige og samfunnsmessige temaer. Mellom samlingene er nettverksmedlemmene i dialog om stort og smått.

Come join!

The Norwegian Polytechnic Society offers signature seminars on cutting-edge digital and transformative topics guided by top profiles. Talents, experts and leaders from various industries gather to share learnings, insights, perspectives and challenges, so that we can collectively learn and accelerate Norway’s transformation to a new digital era.

Digitalization is a key enabler for fundamental innovation and disruption – and the leaders of today have a unique opportunity to shape the future. To accelerate innovation and adoption of new digital technology, the Polytechnic Society offers an exclusive circle on Digital Leadership with noteworthy front runners in the digital space in Norway. We will address the opportunities but also the challenges that arise in a digital future.

The circle format is a 20 minute presentation from a distinguished guest speaker addressing specific topics within digital leadership. This is followed by a round-table dialogue, where everyone is encouraged to participate and bring in their experience and questions.

Let’s use PF Digital Leadership Community to gain insight on how to adopt and deploy new digital technology in a secure and effective manner to accelerate innovation.

Please note that this is a members only program. Reach out to us should you wish to register for membership.

Welcome to the network PF Digital Leadership Community!


Styreleder: Nada Ahmed
Senior Innovation Lead, Aker Solutions
MSc Environmental Analysis and Decision Making

Anne Aune
Security Consultant, mnemonic
MSc Energy, Process and Environmental Engineering

Karen DeSilva
Head of design and Principal consultant, Solidsquare
BA (Hons) Graphic and Media (Interaction) Design, University of the Arts, London

Tariq Maqsood
Head of section, Automation and Business analytics, Fremtind
MTM & MSc (Physics)

Christoffer Snyder
Director Data & Insight, NAV IT
BA Mathematics, Cornell University, USA

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