From vision to reality

Our goal and how we work

Sometimes there is magic in a meeting- This is impossible to explain. We know that if we find somebody who is willing to listen, then there is room for the unsaid. When the audience wants the different views to be presented, - not the headlines, then often follows the insight. When the panel members are interested in the views of their opponents, then we no longer have a debate but a dialogue.

The Norwegian Polytechnic Society (founded 23 June 1852) is an open independent, free standing and interdisciplinary forum for social and technical debates. We are a forum for a free and open dialogue.

We are the face to face meeting place for social, political and technical expertise of influence. We have in more than 150 years been an independent meeting point recognized for integrity and serious opinions. As Norway’s most important non political rostrum, we find ourselves at the cross-point between business, public services, culture and other sectors of our society. Our meetings show the wide span in the Society’s activities. Well founded in knowledge and experience from the last 100 years we are concerned with the development for the next century, not only within our own borders but in a global perspective. We have a tradition of presenting important national and international subjects for future added value. Without reducing our integrity we cooperate wit other serious community members to carry through important meetings. This ensures better attendance and participation to the meetings and gives a broader base for the debates. We focus on the facts and that ensure that all important elements of a problem subject are reviewed by experts with diverse backgrounds. The Polytechnic Society shall represent diversity and openness; we are not tied to any groups with self interest. In our midst the members and elected officers find a source of inspiration for private and professional life.

The Society with its speciality groups is open without limitations to ALL who identify with the goals and who wish to develop their social or professional network. The meetings are open to members and invited guests. As a hotbed of intrepid thoughts and important social initiatives, the meetings are attentively followed by the media. Minutes of the most important meetings are published on our website and represent an exceptional reference of our role as a catalyst between country, trades, cultures and generations. The operation costs are covered by dues from the members who are ensured continuous information, access to the meetings and member advantages. The Society is operated by the members who elect the Board and the Advisory Board at the general assembly.

The Board manages and supervises the operation of the Society. The Advisory Board gives advice on the Society’s operation and expresses their views on matters which are handled by the general assembly and/or the Board. The Advisory Board represents a unique network and competence in Norwegian and international context. More than 20 independent specialty groups unite members of common interest. These speciality groups are responsible for their own economy and have independent boards that coordinate group meetings or plenum meetings and arrange activities of common interest. The leaders of the speciality groups are also members of the Advisory Board.

The Secretary General leads the Secretariat and is responsible for the daily operation of the Society.

Welcome to the Norwegian Polytechnic Society!

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